Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Auction House Junkies Episode 30: The Ghost Hunters Episode

Episode 30: The Ghost Hunters Episode

Weeks in WoW
Cold:  leveling some alt cooking, working on bank maintenance.
Mike: Raiding and glyphs
Wes: Writing, writing, writing!


Z3r0d4z3 Twitter: I want to get into the 77-80 market but not sure of the correct price range

Call for Questions: Twitter and AHJ email!

MoP Beta Changes:
Enchanting Rods? GONE
Enchanting Mats? TRADING (MoP Mats)

Discussion Topic: PET BATTLES!

Markets of the Week:
Wes: Pet Liquidation
Mike: Submarines on Fire!
Cold: Cooking Mats

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find the list of pets in the pet battle system and their rarities?


Scott Smith said...