Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Auction House Junkies Episode 29: Where were you guys last week?

Our weeks in WoW:
Wes: New Job
Mike: Raiding and mount farming
Cold: - logged in and out LOL - D3 ftw - gonna run some BC Heroics for achievements soon - plug EGP

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Special shout out - Nev’s breast cancer fund-raising for charity campaign

 Listener Email:
 "i have managed to make 10k gold on my own just doin randoms and raids and selling the occasional pet or two but now i have listened to most of the AH junkies episodes and i love it i listen to it while im farming but i really just wanna know how should i jump in to the AH? what do you reccomend. dont say fortune cards someone completely screwed that up lol but i am a herbalist and scribe Please give me a good way to jump in! i am willing to spend 10k. My realm is US durotan please help! i wants that gold stuffs! ty -nikita" **

 Revanian: When is a good time to list an auction for ‘Very Long’?  

Discussion Topics:  
1) Midsummer Fire Festival
2) The Black Market Auction House  
3) MOP changes to account wide mounts - now all, but PvP and class specific 
4) anything released about pandaria that you are liking, or do you still loathe them too?  
5) is the Remote AH app fixed yet?
6) MOP - supposed to have more end game options - unlimited # of dailies, dungeon challenged, farm plot, 4 raids?, etc
7) head / shoulder enchants changes  
8) GEE & Ench Thorium Blades  
9) Cooking profession changes - any details? 6 different specs!!! Plus you get a companion to train.

 Markets of the Week:   
Cold: star rubies
Wes: guild
Mike: Frozen Orbs 

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whats the name of the otep song at the end?