Monday, May 14, 2012

Auction House Junkies Episode 28: The Diablo 3 Episode

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Who needs show notes when it's all about D3?  Sentry the Defiant is the name of the toon. 


Lars Petersson said...

Hey there,

Maybe I'm being a bit blind, but I can't see a link to download the episodes.
Whereabouts on the page is it?


Cold said...

Hey Lars!
The Auction House Junkies podcast episodes are available for streaming from the embedded player at the top of the site and also there is an embedded play link in this post. After testing it seems they aren't showing up on the mobile browser.

The episodes can be played and load loaded from the pod bean host site and iTunes.

Sorry for the confusion- Enjoy the show and be sure to check out and The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast too.

Lars Petersson said...

So, you're saying that there is no way of downloading the podcast so I can listen to it offline?

If so, that is a shame :-/

Cold said...

Downloads are available thru iTunes and stitcher