Sunday, April 22, 2012

Auction House Junkies Episode #27 - Wes Goes To Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Wes Just Loves Bed, Bath & Beyond

Auction House Junkies Episode #27

Wes Goes To Bed, Bath & Beyond

Weeks In WoW

Cold: I’m Back
Wes: I’m lost in a house
Mike: Raiding and moving characters

Any Big News?
JC Mounts
The Death of Rep Grind Radio - New Projects

The Mists of Pandaria Preparation Discussion Has Began

Inflation vs Shortages /  Demand
Hedging vs Stockpiling
Inflation Hedges

Gold Sinks
What To Stockpile for MoP

When To Start Stockpiling For MoP
The Gold Blogging Carnival On Stockpiling

Up & Down Markets

New Player / New Character Markets

Markets of the Week
Cold: Level 10 Gear For Fresh BGs Runners
Mike: Transmute Essence of Water to Air

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Tyberiuss said...

Something was wrong with Cold's mic.

Cold said...

Lol - yeah - I realized After the episode came out that I had my blue Snowball mic plugged into the wrong jack and the sounds was picked up by the headset mic on the top of my head. Oops.