Sunday, February 12, 2012

Auction House Junkies 24: Cold Plays Mono Blue

Episode 24: Cold Plays Mono Blue

Weeks in WoW:
Mike: Leveling BS, running Enh and DK through FL dailies; hit goldcap!
Cold:lull time in wow again:  playing mtgo drafts ( last yr was ddo time). Wow: basic sales plus moggs, RAF-fail - Mary’s Burger Bar

game news: real ID BGs and Raids!!

Discussion Topic: ALTS!!
1) Myths about alts (time, hassle, etc.)
2) Why use alts? (professions, markets, new parts of game, arbitrage?)
3) How many alts do you have and what is each one’s purpose?
4) Leveling: how far and why? Suggestions for leveling? (Heirlooms, instance grinding, RAF) find a multiple objective grind spot. Do you use Warcraft Leveling Guides?
5) Useful addons
6) Do specific classes lend themselves well to specific professions?

Markets of the Week:

Mike: Abyss Crystal Shatters (do either of you know if I’ve done this already?) think it's been done by you but might have been on lost episode ( thanksgiving). Netherweave Cloth is cheap and plentiful
Cold: lull: it's alt time! Heirloom enchants

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Rapap said...

I didn't know Wes played on my server. I'm over on the Alliance side though. The population isn't much better over here. ;p